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25m(82ft) wide Clearspan Tension Fabric Buildings,Warehouse Tent

1. Size: W25.0 x L24/30/36 x H8.5 meters (W82 x L79/98/118 x H28 feet) 
2. Specially designed double truss, Twisted crossing purlins, and steel wire tension.
3. Cover: 750, or 850g/m2 PVC fabric
4. 25m(82ft) wide Clearspan Tension Fabric Buildings, Outdoor Fabric Structures provide you a perfect solution for warehousing of mining, industry and livestock

Product Details

Chinese 25m(82ft) wide Clearspan Tension Fabric BuildingsOutdoor Fabric Structures. This is the widest building we've made and a breakthrough for us.  This building size: W25m(82ft) x L36m(118ft) x H8.5m(28ft).  There are some new designs in this structure, like twisted purlins as you can see in photo. Strengthened double truss design and extra steel wire tension for heavy snow wind load.

Model TC8279: W25.0 x L24.0 x H8.5 meters, (W82 x L79 x H28 feet)
Model TC8298: W25.0 x L30.0 x H8.5 meters, (W82 x L98 x H28 feet)
Model TC82118: W25.0 x L36.0 x H8.5 meters, (W82 x L118 x H28 feet)

1. Double truss arches made of 76x2.2mm(3") tubing on 3.0m(9.8ft) spacing. Extra steel wires and twisted purlins for strength.
2. Different kinds of door is avaiable, electric roll up door, winch roll up door or sliding door.
3. Strong and durable 750g or 850/m2 PVC fabric cover, UV resistant, Fire retardant.
4. Delivery time : 15-30 Days
5. Package: steel crate, or steel sheet box.

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With extra cross support tubes at sidewalls

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