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12m(40') wide Dome Building Structure,Shipping Container Shelter

1. Size:W12.72 x L6.05/12.19 x H4.0 meters (W42 x L20/40 x H13 feet) 
2. Double Truss Structure for heavy snow. With slanting support tubing between spacings.
3. Fabric: 300g/m2 PE or 610g/m2 PVC fabric.
4. End panel is Optional, with winch roll up door or closed.
5. Dome fabric building, steel fabric structure that install on shipping containers

Product Details

Super strong double truss style, 12m(40feet) wide Dome Fabric Building StructureShipping Container Shelter.  Could be installed on 40ft shipping container, or between walls. Providing an extra large storage space. Easy assembly and relocatable.  Customize dimensions are available.

Model TC4020C: W12.72 x L6.05 x H4.0 meters, (W42 x L20 x H13 feet)
Model TC4040C: W12.72 x L12.19 x H4.0 meters, (W42 x L40 x H13 feet)

1.  Double Truss Style Arches on 2m(6.55') spacing. With diagonal support tubing at two end of spacings. With base plate at bottom of each arch.
2.  Fabric: 300g/m2 PE or 610g/m2 PVC with 10 years longevity, UV resistant, Fire retardant.
3.  End panel is optional, closed, zipper door, or Winch roll up door.
4.  Delivery time : 7-15 days
5.  Package: steel crate