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2.7m(8.9') wide Vehicle Carport, Single Car Garage, Small Fabric Sheds. Temporary storage solution

1. Size:W2.7 x L5.1 x H2.3 meters (W8.9 x L16.7 x H7.5 feet)
2. Length could be increase by 1.275m (4.2ft).
3. Hot galvanized framework.
4. Sliding zipper door in front ends. Closed back end.
5. Fabric: 200g/m2, 300g/m2 PE or 610g/m2 PVC.
6. Ideal solution for family use single car carport.

Product Details

Vehicle Carport, Single Car Garage Shelter, Small Fabric Sheds. Most welcomed for one car parking. Full open sliding door, wide clearance. EZ and fast to assemble, all parts and connectors are included in carton package. Could be disassembled and move to another site. Also suitable for tools and equipment storage. Protect your vehicle from UV sunshine, dust and rain.
Model TC788: W2.7 x L5.1 x H2.3 meters (W8.9 x L16.7 x H7.5 feet)

1. Powder coated, or hot galvanized framework
2. Sliding Zipper door in front ends
3. Fabric: 200g/m2, 300g/m2 PE or 610g/m2 PVC fabric.
4. Delivery time: 7-15 Days
5. Package: Cartons.