Container Mounted Canopy Shelter, customer's photos

2016/11/22 << Return list

Here are some photos from our customers of our container cover/shelter. Our container cover, container shelter are designed for mounted on standard shipping containers, or walls. They are very welcomed in Europe and America. Being different with usual fabric structure buildings, you could get an even larger storage space under lower budget. We have single tube structure and double truss structure for heavy load. The one in photos are TC4040C container cover, that 42ft(12.72m) wide, 13ft(4.0m) high, the length could be 20ft or 40ft for shipping containers, it's double truss structure for heavy snow and wind load. As shown in photos, there are crossing support tubes in the roof for extra strength. They are perfect for commercial use, industrial, mining use as storage. With our unique design container cover, shelter combine with your shipping containers, you will get an ideal usable space and most saved budget. We offer different width choices: 6m(20ft), 8m(26ft), 10m(33ft), 12m(40ft), 14m(46ft) and other width as your request. The end panel could be with door or closed.
ToughCover gives you the best and effective solution for storage and warehousing.
ToughCover's Container Cover and Container Shelter