65 feet(20m) wide Fabric Building has arrived Hawaii, USA

2016/09/26 << Return list

Maybe next time your tour to Hawaii, you will see a super large Fabric Building standing near harbor, yes it might be made by ToughCover.  This 65ft(20m) wide Fabric Building has just arrived port of Honolulu, Hawaii. 

This fabric structure (model: TC6549) is 65ft wide, 49ft long and 26ft high, (W20 x L15 x H8 meters), 7 groups double truss arches made of 76x2.5mm tubing, with 19 groups purlins, and extra slanting crossing purlins. Full opening sliding door that 39ft wide, 12ft high(12m wide, 3.7m high) at both ends, and a man door beside the sliding door for fire codes. It will be assembled soon, we'll post some photos of the assembly then. For more information of this model, please check here: 65ft wide fabric structure building TC6549.

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