Warehouse/Storage Tent, Fabric covered building: TC3240T assembly photos from North Europe

2016/04/14 << Return list

These photos were taken from two Double truss warehouse tents assembled two years ago. They were installed in North Europe where has very heavy snow load and very long winter. They are structured by Double Truss design, and as customer's request we specially strengthen the truss arches spacing to 1.0 meters(3.3 ft). They have been test and performed well in the harsh environment.  Here is some information about this building as you may be interested.

Model: TC3240T fabric building, hangar, storage tent
Size: W9.87 x L12.19 x H4.5m (W32 x L40 x H15 feet)
Hot Galvanized, 13 groups super strong double truss arches(60x1.5mm tubing), 5 groups purlins(60x1.5mm tubing). One Winch roll up door W3.7 x H3.7m(W12 x H12 feet) in front panel, and closed back end

There is no interior column/upright, all inside space that you pay for are made full use. Compared to the traditional steel warehouse, our fabric covered building/tent are much cost-effective, easy to assembly/disassembly and same strong for force&load. We welcome order both for own use and reselling. ToughCover will offer you the best solution for industry, agriculture, mining storage, warehousing and parking. Any interest to our products, please feel free to email us: . Cheers!