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20x40m (65ft x 131ft) fabric building installed in Croatia

2020/12/29 << Return list

Another large tent, fabric building was newly installed on Croatia.  This is a 20 meters wide by 40 meters long (65ft wide by 131 ft long) storage tent, shared by one old customer from Croatia.  The sidewall height is 3.8m(12.5ft), the peak height is 8m(26ft).  Considering heavy snow and wind loading, we use big tubing that 76x2.5mm as the double truss arches, both horizontal purlins and crossing purlins are used in this structure.  There is one winch roll up door 4.6m wide by 5.2m high at both ends for vehicle/equipment entrance.

20200916_153021 克罗地亚.jpg