Beginning to install a new ToughCover 50x150x23 feet fabric building in Romania

2018/06/11 << Return list

Two years after the first 50x150 fabric building installed in Romania in 2016, a new one will be built recently. The first one has performed well in the past 2 years and stood the harsh winter and heavy snow. Our customer is very satisfied with our tent, and bought another one at early of this year. This new one has just arrived and is ready to install now.
Some information about this building TC50150. Size 50x150x23 feet (L45.75 x W15.24 x H7.0m). Hot galvanized framework, 11 groups double Truss arches(60x1.5mm tubing) on 3.05m(10') spacing, 11 groups 60x1.5mm purlins. Winch roll up door in both front and back ends, door size: W4.6 x H5.2m. All tubings are per-cut and pre-drilled, packed by 6 strong steel crates. All bolts and anchors for installation are provided. ToughCover's fabric buildings are easy for transportation and installation.
More Photos will be coming soon!!