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6.1m(20') wide Party Tent, Event Tent for Sale

1. W6.1 x L6.1/12.2 x H3.2 meters 
   (W20 x L20 x H10.5 feet, W20 x L40 x H10.5 feet)
2. Strong and durable Square tube as framework. Hot galvanized.
3. Fast assembly and disassembly in 2 hours. Relocatable.
4. The sidewall and end wall cover could be rolled up.
5. Best solution for your party, outdoor meeting, event purpose.

Product Details

Party Tent, Event Tent with full open sidewall and end wall cover. The framework feature strong square tubing as frame for wind load.  All steel parts are pre-drilled for easy and fast assembly. With base plate at bottom of each frame member, and two pegs for each base plate for anchoring. We could also offer expansion bolts for concrete ground. The assembly only takes 3 people takes 2 hours.
610g/m2 heavy PVC fabric with 10 years warranty that UV resistant and Fire retardant. With zipper sliding door at both end walls. The sidewall cover could be fully rolled up, or roll up every 6 meters(20ft) as your wish.
Our model TC2020P/TC2040P will provide you a nice and cool environment for your party and events.
 Made in China Party Tent, Event Tent for sale.  (We could design new dimension as customer request.)
Model TC2020P: W6.1 x L6.1 x H3.2 meters, (W20 x L20 x H10.5 feet)
Model TC2040P: W6.1 x L12.2 x H3.2 meters, (W20 x L40 x H10.5 feet)

Strong and Durable Framework, made of big 50x30x2mm square tubing

The sidewall and end wall cover could be roll up as you wish.