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15.3m(50ft) wide Steel Fabric Structures,Fabric Covered Buildings

1. Size: W15.24 x L15.24/24.4/30.5/45.7 x H7.3 meters  (W50 x L50/80/100/150 x H24 feet). 
2. Strong Truss Style for Heavy load.
3. Hot galvanized for Antirust.
4. Roll up door, size: W4.6 x H5.2m (W15 x H17 feet)
5. Cover: 610g/m2 PVC fabric.
6. Steel Fabric Structures,Storage Buildings for mining, oil field, farm/agriculture, industry warehouse.

Product Details

15.3m(50') wide Steel Fabric Structures,Fabric Covered Buildings, with strong double truss design. Easy installation and durable cover.

Model TC505024: W15.24 x L15.24 x H7.3 meters (W50 x L50 x H24 feet)
Model TC508024: W15.24 x L24.4 x H7.3 meters (W50 x L80 x H24 feet)
Model TC5010024: W15.24 x L30.5 x H7.3 meters (W50 x L100 x H24 feet)
Model TC5015024: W15.24 x L45.7 x H7.3 meters (W50 x L150 x H24 feet)

1. Strong Truss Style for Heavy Load. With extra slanting support tubes at sidewall for strengthen.
2. Hot galvanized for Antirust.
3. Roll up door, size: W4.6 x H5.2m (W15’ x H17’)
4. Fabric: 610g/m2 PVC with 10 years longevity, UV resistant, Fire retardant.
5. Delivery time : 15 Days
6. Package: Steel Crate, or Steel sheet box.

House Style Roof, Good appearance.

Strong Truss arches made of 60x1.5mm tubing, arch spacing 3.05meter(10ft). Large Storage tent, fabric building.

Steel Sheet box packed, well protected and easy transportation.