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50ft(15.24m) wide Dome(Round) Structure Tent

1. Size:W15.24 x L18.3/ 24.4/ 30.5/ 45.7 x H7.0 meters (W50 x L60/80/100/150 x H23 feet) 
2. Strong double truss style for heavy snow and wind load.
3. Winch roll up door in both front and back ends, door size: W4.6 x H5.2m(W15 x H17 feet).
4. Fabric: 610g/m2 PVC, 10 years warranty.
5. China Fabric Structure Buildings, Warehouse Storage Tent for sale

Product Details

15.24m(50ft) wide Round/Dome Truss, Fabric Structure Buildings, Warehouse Storage Tent for sale. Widely used at mining, oil field, industry warehouse, agriculture storage.

Model TC5060: W15.24 x L18.3 x H7.0 meters, (W50 x L60 x H23 feet)
Model TC5080: W15.24 x L24.4 x H7.0 meters, (W50 x L80 x H23 feet)
Model TC50100: W15.24 x L30.48 x H7.0 meters, (W50 x L100 x H23 feet)
Model TC50150: W15.24 x L45.65 x H7.0 meters, (W50 x L150 x H23 feet)

1. This Storage Tent are double truss structure. With extra steel wires tensions for strength.
2. Length could be made as long as customer request.
3. “X” cross wind braces at 4 corners.
4. Winch roll up door in both front and back ends, door size W4.6 x H5.2m(W15 x H17 feet)
5. 610g/m2, or 850g/m2 PVC fabric as cover
6. Delivery time : 7-15 Days
7. Package: Steel Crates